How to Determine if You Are in Need of a Panel Upgrade

Category: Panel Upgrades

Ask the average homeowner if they are in need of a panel upgrade, and they are not likely to know for sure. In fact, in many cases, they may not even know what that means. If you are a local Chicagoland homeowner with an older home, it is quite likely you are due for an […]

Planning For A Home Theater For Your Fox River Grove Home

Category: Home Theater

One of the most exciting options Fox River Grove homeowners have now is adding their very own home theater. Aside from the countless hours of entertainment you and your family will enjoy, there is the fact that this also adds significant value to the property value of your home. So if you are at all […]

How to Prevent An Electrical Fire in Your Chicago Home

In 2011, there were 47,700 fires reported US fire department that we caused by some kind of electrical problem, according the Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Many of these fires lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, and most could have been prevented. Making sure that your Chicago home’s electrical system is completely safe at all […]

Preventing Electrical Shock: Electrical Safety though Electrical Repairs in Barrington

When is the last time that you had your electrical system looked at? An electricians job is to safely assess your electrical system so you don’t have to fear getting shocked when plugging something in to the outlets. Barrington electrical repairs can prevent things like this from happening. You can save money and time through […]

Electrical Safety – What’s With All Those Extension Cords?

Category: Electrical Tips

So you have a supplemental space heater you’d like to use in your chilly, cold Chicagoland home. Maybe you just have a cold room or a room with a draft you can’t seem to get rid of, and you just needed a little extra heat. So you go to plug your space heater in, only […]

Electrical Inspections – Breakers And Fuses

Category: Electrical

One sure sign that you need to have an electrical inspection done on your building or home is if you experience shortages or outages. Drains on power are also a sign there is too much electricity flowing through your wiring. Older wiring and switchboards will eventually degrade to the state where fire easily starts or […]

Chicagoland Electrical Repairs: Don’t “Do-It-Yourself”

There are some home repairs and projects that you simply can’t do on your own. The DIY movement is rapidly growing, and it’s easy to see why. DIY projects are satisfying, fun, and you’ll see home improvements get done without having to pay for a contractor. Your Chicagoland electrical repairs are important as well, and […]

Trusting Homes to Chicagoland Electricians

A lot of fires are caused by short-circuits and electrical problems. So for home improvement projects, always look for an electrician to ensure the safety of homes and of people living on it. One responsibility of electricians is to prepare the Chicagoland electrical installation layout plan of a house especially if it is newly built. Understanding […]

Landscape Lighting Perks Up Your Chicago Home

Category: Lighting

Having a couple of landscape lighting additions installed in your Chicago home will have a great effect on the aesthetic appeal of your house, especially during night time. You would be surprised at how your home will look simply by adding a couple of lighting fixtures in your yard. Here are a couple of tips […]

For Streamwood Electrical Repairs, Call a Pro

Category: Electrical

If you are like most homeowners, changing a light bulb is about the extent of your electrical repair abilities. Fortunately, there are qualified Streamwood electrical repair contractors just a phone call away. Electrical repairs are one of those things that homeowners eventually have to contend with, and there are several issues at stake that warrant […]

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