Easy Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Chicagoland Home

Good use of outdoor or Chicago landscape lighting is often one of the easier improvements you can make to the exterior portion of your home that can make a big difference. Not only can this upgrade improve the look of your home at night, but it is also very functional making your yard more user-friendly at night. The most common places to add accenting light is to a walkway or path, patio or deck or the garden.

Walkway Lighting

Walkway lights provide a clear and attractive distinction of the paths in your yard. They illuminate the paths so they are safer to use at night while also providing a warm glow in your yard.

It is important to determine the right spacing for this as you don’t want too many or too few lights. They should be about 8 to 10 feet apart. Instead of lining them equally on either side consider alternating them on either side to create a better look.

Remember there are different light colors available. Find one that best accents your home and yard. Maybe soft white is best, but maybe an amber or blue tone would be better.

Patio Lighting

The choice of deck and patio lights is pretty diverse so you can really get creative here if you choose, but don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a good thing anymore.

For a deck consider things like post lights, bollard or step lights for any stairs or maybe string lights. You may also want some decorative wall lights.

For a patio some of the same will work well like wall or string lights. You can use things like rock, bollard or patio umbrella lights to add light to the patio and accent your Chicago landscaping or potted plants.

You can use different lights for different purposes; they don’t all need to be used at the same time. Alternate based on what you need and the look you want for different times.

Garden Lighting

To highlight specific garden or landscaped areas you can use in ground or bullet lights to illuminate trees or other plants. There are some very attractive full size or compact bollards that work well for this use, some that fit well with specific themes like a Zen or English garden. Or you can simply find some easy to install solar lights to accent any gardens or landscaped area of the yard.

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