When Do You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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Your Illinois home is equipped with an electrical service panel that controls the various electrical circuits in the system. If your panel is more than 20 years old …

Tips On Effective Landscape Lighting For Your Home

Having a couple of landscape lighting additions installed in your home will have a great effect on the aesthetic appeal of your house, especially during night time. You would be surprised at how your home will look simply by adding a couple of lighting fixtures in your yard.

Total Retrofit? Probably Not. Single Room Automation? Now We’re Talkin’!

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A complete retrofit of an existing home to incorporate smart technologies for energy management and home automation can sometimes be overwhelming to Chicagoland homeowners, both in terms of cost and complexity. Because the energy and time savings from utilizing such systems can be significant, it is worth looking at lower cost solutions. One option is […]

Are You Smarter Than an Electric Meter?

“Smart” electric meters are electronic devices that track and record a customer’s electric use. Electric utilities have been replacing old, analog meters that are read manually once a month with new, digital smart meters that automatically capture information about electricity consumption and transmit it back to electric companies. Smart meters offer the following benefits and […]

If the Breaker Fits…It Still May Not Be the Right One!

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Breakers…What’s the Difference? From time to time there may be a need to change a breaker or add one to your Chicago home’s electrical panel. Most electrical devices, like switches, outlets and such, can be switched out with another brand without any problems. Breakers, however, are brand specific and require the exact replacement type to […]

Electrical Receptacle Spectacles

Receptacles are a convenient way to plug all types of appliances and lighting into to supply power. However, these convenient devices have their share of problems over the years. Your Chicago electrical contractor can easily correct any of these problems and install new receptacles should the need exist.  Here is a look at the many […]

Don’t Blow a Fuse Over a Tripped Breaker!

Category: Panel Upgrades

If you have ever had a problem in your Chicagoland home with a tripped breaker or a blown fuse that just left you confused on what to do next, don’t fret. The answer may be as simple as an overloaded circuit or a bad cord. Although you may feel resetting a breaker or replacing a […]

Electrical Inspection Room-by-Room Cheat Sheet

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General Guidelines

Fight the Power (Save Some $$)

If you’re trying to decide whether to invest in a more energy-efficient appliance or you’d like to determine your electricity loads, you may want to estimate appliance energy consumption. Formula for Estimating Energy Consumption You can use this formula to estimate an appliance’s energy use: (Wattage × Hours Used Per Day) ÷ 1000 = Daily […]

Electric Power Meter: A Good Read

An electric power meter is a very accurate instrument that measures the amount of electricity you use. If you look through the glass enclosure, you will see a rotating metal disc. It rotates in proportion to the amount of electricity that’s being used at that time. The more electricity you are using at any given […]

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