Symptoms to Watch for When Your Home Is in Need of an Electrical Service or Panel Upgrade

Category: Electrical Tips

Because electrical wiring is integrated so completely into your home’s structure, it’s easy to forget sometimes that your home’s electrical system needs to be updated along with the rest of the building to stay in good repair and to keep up with current technological advances. If you live in an older building, chances are that […]

Upgrade Your Home Electrical System!

Category: Electrical Tips

When was the last time you had to reset a circuit breaker in your house? Is your home more than twenty years old? Have you recently bought a home? Are you planning to purchase a major appliance? Now may be a good time to upgrade your home electrical system! For homeowners, it’s not just a […]

Common Electrical Problems

Category: Electrical Tips

Are you suffering from electrical problems that you can’t seem to fix yourself? It could be one of these: Flickering lights Loose outlets Exhaust fan over your stove that is burned out or not working Rooms that are darker than they should be GFI’s (ground fault interrupters) in your kitchen or bathrooms   None of […]

Top 10 Tips For Electrical Safety At Work

Category: Electrical Tips

Would you believe that the Health and Safety Executive, the government body responsible for ensuring that health and safety regulations are adhered to at work, receives reports of around 1000 electrical accidents at work every single year. Of this 1000, around 25 people die of injuries that they receive in said electrical accidents. The importance […]

Tips to Organize Your Outdoor Cables and Wires

Category: Electrical Tips

Electric appliances are bound to have cables and wires. The more electric appliances you have in your home/office, the more number of cables and wires will lay spread out in your home/office. Considering the utility of these appliances, it is totally impossible to do away with any of them. But you need to be an […]

Must Have Electrical Supplies In Your Home

Category: Electrical Tips

Every household should have all the necessary and frequently used electrical supplies that might come in handy. Just like a medical kit, electrical supplies are required to prevent the possible occurrence of safety hazards. This article will enumerate some of the commonly used supplies and materials. 1. Batteries These are very useful especially on emergency […]

Information About The Development Of Circuit Breakers

Category: Panel Upgrades

The consumer units have changed over the last twenty years by the move from fused circuits controlling the system for the fail safe position to the introduction of the circuit breaker. The advantage is that the fused circuit when it blows a fuse needs a replacement fuse or fuse wire. This was difficult and time […]

All You Need To Know About Electrical Cable And Wiring

Category: Electrical Tips

Here is more information of what cables are and what the different varieties of wire and electric materials available are that you should know about. Whether you are just interested in this topic or you are trying to spark an interest in this field and become a professional some day, this is the basic information […]

LED Lights Offer Exceptional Energy Efficiency For Landscape Lighting, Interior Lights, and More!

Energy efficiency has become a hot topic, and more and more people are looking for ways to make their homes as efficient as possible. But did you realize that one little change of a lightbulb can dramatically impact your house’s energy efficiency and reduce your overall energy costs? That’s because Americans spend up to 25% […]

Your Smoke Detectors Have Expired

Category: Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors can definitely save lives. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of residential fires are the result of having no smoke alarm inside the home. When there is a fire, the smoke spreads quickly. In this case, only the smoke detector can provide the first line of defense. Below are some safety tips […]

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