Surge Protectors- Why You Should Invest in a Surge Protector for your Computer & Appliances

Protect your appliances and devices from voltage spikes by using high-quality surge protectors. Voltage spikes usually occur when lightning strikes or when there is faulty wiring. They can cause damage to your programmable appliances and equipment and even cause fires. That’s why surge protectors are necessary.

How they work

Surge protectors work by blocking voltage spikes to a less dangerous threshold and preventing damages from happening to your devices. The normal threshold of electricity is 120 volts. Anything higher than that can cause damage to your appliances. Surge protectors prevent that from happening. There is an increasing need for surge protectors because high-powered devices are more sensitive when it comes to voltage spikes.

There are different kinds of surge suppressors: meter, electrical, and plug-in. The meter and electrical surge suppressors protect from outside electrical interference. Meanwhile, a plug in suppressor has a built-in alarm system.

Protect your devices

Different surge protectors are being sold in the market. When shopping for a protector, it is important to look at three things.

First, check the price – if it is too cheap, then it’s probably no good. Do not compromise quality. Most cheap surge protectors do not work – they will not protect your devices, and can sometimes even cause bigger damage.

Next, check the protector's Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings. UL tests electronic products for its safety. If it doesn't have one, move on to another brand.

Finally, make sure that your protector meets the criteria for UL 1449 – the minimum performance standard for protectors.


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