Electrical Safety Tips

Post Storm Safety - Workers and employers must take extreme caution while attempting to restore power or clear areas near downed power lines. In one instance, a worker lost his life after removing trees from a de-energized power line that had been knocked down by the storm. While inspecting the completed work, the man stepped on the line and was electrocuted by "feedback" energy from a portable backup generator at a nearby gas station. Feedback energy occurs when a de-energized line becomes energized by a secondary power source.

Overloaded circuits - occur when the demand for power on a circuit is greater than the rated capacity of the circuit. A common indication of this problem is dimming lights. Overloaded circuits can cause premature wire deterioration resulting in a fire hazard. Installing a new circuit or dedicated circuits for major appliances is the recommended solution to overloaded circuits

Aluminum wiring - used in some homes from the mid 1960's to the early 1970's, is a potential fire hazard. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, problems due to expansion can cause overheating at connections between the wire and switches and outlets.


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